Projects Completed

Weed control in cereals-Wild oats, Wild Radish, Annual ryegrass, Charlock, Silver grass.

Herbicide tolerance in cereals- Wheat

Weed control in pome fruit and grapes.

Growth regulators in grapes

Pasture insect control- Red legged earthmite

Disease control in pome fruit- Apple scab & Powdery mildew

Disease control in grapes- Powdery mildew, Botrytis

Insect control in tomatoes- Heliothis

Disease control in potatoes- Irish blight & Alternaria

Aerial insecticide trials

Crop monitoring for pest and diseases.

Residue trials in vegetable crops to GLP standard.

Herbicide carryover

Disease control in cereals- Barley net blotch, Wheat/ Stripe & Leaf rust

Armyworm control in cereals

Insect and disease control in legume crops- Heliothis, Pea weevil and Lentil diseases

Weed control in Forestry

Insect control in grapes- Light Brown Apple Moth (LBAM) & Grapevine moth

Weed control in broadacre legume crops

Growth regulators in pasture

Brush weed control- blackberries and gorse

Weed control in potatoes

Cereal seed dressing disease control - Stripe rust in wheat, powdery mildew in barley

Fungicide compatibility in grapes and cereals

Two Spotted Mite control in horticulture - table grapes

Weed control in turf

Aerial Pasture PGR trials

Rhizoctonia control in Potatoes

Disease control in vegetables - downy mildew.

False wireworm control in canola

Plutella/ Diamondback moth control in canola

Insecticide residues in Almonds.

In Furrow disease control in cereals - Crown Rot

Disease control in broadacre legume crops- Chickpeas & Faba beans

Root Knot Nematodes control in Tomatoes

Cereal Inoculant - Zinc nutrition

Insect control in Brassica Vegetables - Aphids

Weed control in Green beans.

Weed control in Canola - IBS & EPE